Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day is like my birthday!

I just had

Granted, I don't remember the past three that celebrated me. I was pregnant, I had a baby and was pregnant, and then I had two babies and a husband in school full time that I never saw.

But I'm not sure that anything could have been better.

All of my 'activities': running, walking, reading, studying, etc all usually have to happen while the kiddos are sleeping. So what I usually want is to do these things when it's not naptime! And by myself. be on my own schedule, mostly, for the day.

Our friends live about an hour further into the mountains from us. We go up and hang out on a fairly regular basis. They have two kids as well, their ages staggered around ours so everybody has a playmate. And this weekend was the girls weekend to play.

We decided we wanted to do a long run (I'm training for the Lander half on July 4th!). And we had several routes to choose from. After weighing pros and cons an 8 mile pretty hilly in the beginning route was chosen. We drove out there, miles down a gravel route to the Whiskey Basin. There are three lakes and the gateway to the Wind River Mountains, Whiskey Mountain. The gravel road splits off to take you to trails and to the lakes. We parked on the side of the road at the bottom of a hill that was going to be the first part of our run. The boys were coming with the kids to pick up the car later.

It was the most beautiful run! Badlands and lakes on one side and just-now-turning-green mountains towered above us on the other. It was in the mid 70's and sunny but we only saw three cars our whole time out there. It was just us and the road. It's our husbands who are friends, and we haven't gotten a lot of time to just hang out as girls and it was such a great environment to get to know someone.

We walked a good part of the last couple miles because the wind picked up and for that day we didn't have the drive to beat it. It was a defeating wind. But we stopped at a neighbors house for some water on the way home, sat on the front porch and just enjoyed being child and husband less for a while.

We grilled elk kabobs for dinner. Elk is my new favorite. So. Good. And decided we wanted to celebrate mother's day eve with mojitos. We made some up, and started up a bonfire. Cloudless night, sliver of a moon, beautiful weather, good friends, new friends, and mojitos. Can't ask for anything better!

The night was rough, and it would take much too long to say why. We all had a hard time sleeping and the four of us ended up in the same room after being awake for about 1.5 hours in the middle of the night. But after we got everyone settled back in, it was really sweet. The four of us together like that.

The next morning brought warmth straight away. We normally have to wait until 10 or so before it starts warming up (the nights are still cold!), but Sunday morning was all sun and warmth! French toast and bacon were on the menu. As was another run! We hiked up the hills behind their house and ran some and walked some, a 4 mile loop that had quite a few white and purple wildflowers growing (!!!!!)

I didn't get much sleep but my soul feels refreshed if even just a little bit.  The air, the warmth, the sun, the beauty, the friendship, the time without 'being in charge'.

PS Brad brought me French toast in bed this morning. AWESOME.
Also, he bought me an orchid. BEAUTIFUL. I've been wanting one!!
Also, when Brooklyn was complaining about me running without her, Brad pulled her aside and told her that this was my special day, like my birthday so 'momma can do whatever she wants' he is a freaking ROCKSTAR.

PPS Sunday morning also brought alot of 'Happy Momma Day momma!' and Bubs even tried to chime in.

One more thing...I do have the best mom EVER. EVER. EVER. No contest. Love you mom!

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