About Us

After a year of nursing school that started three days after our second child was born and only 13 months after our first, we decided to pick up and move to the Cowboy State. A place that has had a claim on my husband for five years now. If we didn't go now, when would we?

We are dreamers with a lot of big ideas. We are adventurers who have traveled the country and the world following our dreams.

Ami is an introverted barista who loves good conversations, peppermint tea, good books, learning French, running, red wine, all things francophone Africa, and the sun.

Brad is a nurse who is working hard to get enough experience to choose whatever nursing path he would like. Namely the ER, flight nursing, traveling nursing and/or mission work. He loves hiking, camping, shooting guns, hanging out in the wilderness with his BFF, making amazing salsa, cooking Mexican, good music, and the Jayhawks, Bears, Mets, Hurricanes, and Barcelona.

Brooklyn is a girl with a mind of her own. She won't be told what to think. She loves all things princess, shoes, dresses, all accessories, going barefoot outside, hiking, exploring and singing.

Jackson is laid back friendly little man. He loves to say hello, flirt, play with planes, be Spiderman, and get dirty. He also loves to eat. Anything. Hiking and running around barefoot.

We miss our families who are still in the Midwest and this is one way of keeping in touch with everyone.

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  1. Awesome stuff Ami! It's good to hear about the family!