Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I've been absentee blogger for the past two weeks for good reasons.

1. Brad and I got to go on an out of town overnight date! A friend of ours offered to watch our kids for us so we could drive to Jackson Hole (3 hours) and have dinner and see Ryan Bingham perform. You should probably look him up, Crazy Heart is my favorite and the song (slash movie) that introduced us to his amazing vocals.

It was so fun. We stopped at the place, Antelope Flatts, where Brad first told me he loved me. We hadn't been to that place since. And we had dinner and we walked and window shopped, because we absolutely do not make the kind of money that is required to purchase anything in Jackson. But we did hit up the thrift store...where we found a few good deals.
And then we went to the show. SO.GOOD. We were totally entertained. And have been listening to Ryan B. quite a bit since we got home...but it's just not quite as good as it was live.

2. In-laws came to visit!
They were here for a week and totally spoiled us. AWESOME. We found some old barn wood at a consignment store in town that we plan to make some sort of shelves out of. We found a mirror with hooks that Brad liked and I said 'As long as we paint it' and it then turned into the DIY project of the week with everyone helping out in some way to get the mirror from drab to fab (ha!) it is now teal and distressed instead of blonde wood not-distressed. Love it. They brought us pallets and took us to Sprouts, a nursery in town, and loaded us up with strawberries, peppers, basil, cilantro, oregano, flowers, etc in a super cute Pintrest-inspired pallet garden. Sis loves it. Bubs apparently loves it as well as he was found sneaking a bite out of a not-quite ripe strawberry while watering this morning.
They 'took us' (but we drove our car) up to see the Tetons, have lunch, walk around, enjoy being in such a beautiful place, and have dinner at the Lava Mountain Lodge on the way home. It's a little lodge that is in a perfect place because there is literally NOTHING around for miles.
The kids got a lot of great new toys and clothes, a different 'prise! everyday.
It was a lot of fun. But very busy. They left on Friday morning and I think we are just now starting to recover :)

The new dress Grandma made for Sis

Planting the pallet garden

DIY mirror. I don't know how to take a picture of a mirror without getting myself in it. ugh.

Grandma reupholstered HER rocking chair and gave it to Sis last year. This year Bubs got his own!

3. Bubs and Sis got fevers and strange bumps and a visit to the doctor. Hand foot and mouth disease. Gross and also not pleasant for everyone. We are still recovering.

4. Father's day!!!
We dont' do 'days' around here. We do weekends. It was Father's day weekend. Steak, a fire pit, movie, hike up to the Popo Agie waterfall (This is NOT pronounced how it looks). It was full and fun.
And now Brad is working days and I feel such a sense of relief to be on the same schedule!!

5. Sis has stopped taking naps. We are trying to figure this out, what does 'rest time' look like at our house.

Things are starting to settle back down from all the excitement. Maybe now I'll have time to write that review of 'Last Child in the Woods' .....

PS Dad,
I couldn't have had a better one than you. You have loved me, encouraged and supported me well.
I miss you!

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