Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter and roots.

2 hour drive ALONE* through the high desert of central Wyoming
45 min flight ALONE
1 hr flight ALONE

A big family party.
Remembering my roots.

1 hr flight ALONE
45 min flight ALONE
3 hour drive ALONE back through the high desert of central Wyoming (with an unfruitful burrito stop)

That was Easter.

Loving, caring, weird, funny, emotional, creative, independent, adventurous roots.

Roots that taught receiving forgiveness.

Roots that taught giving forgiveness.

Roots that taught faith.

Roots that taught fun.

Roots that taught goofy/silly/ridiculous. i.e. Did you know that licorice can talk?

Roots that said 'This-this family-this is safe.'

Roots that taught DREAMS and go after them!

And we did…All of us growing from these roots at the same time.

We are now doctors, artists, poets, designers, physical therapists, sound engineers.
We are married.
We are single.
We have kids.
We have lived and do live all over the world. 

We are so very different* now…but then someone said 'You say you are so different but…'

We started from the same place. With the same roots. Digging in the same dirt. Running through the same woods.

So grateful for these roots.
Grateful to remember where and who I started with 
Grateful to remember how close I hold them
Grateful to remember how close I am held.

*we are also not very different because we all understand and occasionally (i.e. more than we would like to admit) use 'Bruemmer humor'-it's probably mostly in honor of our late grandparents…right?!

*being ALONE was amazing. There is nothing else to say about it.

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  1. Well this one made me get all teary. In a good way, of course. I've always been sad that you didn't get to grow up with as many siblings as I did, but then if you had, maybe you wouldn't have the relationships with your cousins that you do. And those are relationships that will last all of your life. Obviously.