Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It's fall!

It's time to get cozy. Turn on the heat, start a fire, get a blanket, make some tea.

The leaves are changing. The temperature is dropping. The snow is falling. (If you live in Wyoming)

And things are peaceful.

The kind of peace that comes as the ripples in the water are dissipating. It's calm. It's quiet.

Three years, two babies, one BSN, one cross-country move, one cancer scare, one stressful-working-nights-for-months-and-months job, + a hundred other little things that came smashing into us over the last three years....The waves have seemingly stopped smashing. No more whitecaps. Just the little ripples.

Things aren't perfect. There are still some night shifts that mess everyone up. There is this thing and that thing.


It's calm.

And I'm grateful that having gone through it, we still like each other. Husband and I.

And we are going to celebrate in Napa Valley in November.

First real vacation since our honeymoon, which honestly, neither of us really enjoyed that much. (we discovered we aren't cruise people)

It feels like it's time to rest. And I'm going to bask in the calm of this time of life (Who am I kidding? I live with a 2 & 3 year old) I am going to recognize and appreciate that the extraneous circumstances of our life that can so often have a pull on us have calmed and quieted and not try to do so much that I miss any rest I might get.

Because who knows when the next storm is going to blow in?

But for now, happy fall!!

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