Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today is Thursday...

...Thursday means swim lessons. Brooklyn LOVES swim lessons. It is a great motivator in the morning. We are not morning people. None of us.

This is how the day started. 6 AM. 1.5 hrs before normal wake up time. But there is no normal when a 20 month old is teething. I let them play in their room while attempted to go back to sleep. This did not work. I got up and brought B to our bed. Brad was working. She had that WHOLE side of the bed. She thought her feet needed to be in my ribs. 6:45 AM. I decide to put a show on for her. That actually worked for 20 minutes! Then J started crying 'MOMMMM  IIEEEEEE MMMMMOOOOOOOO IIIIEEEEEE' ugh. Time to start the day.

We managed to do pretty good at eating breakfast, and getting dressed because the promise of swim lessons is so alluring. And because it was going to be a beautiful spring day...YES! Beautiful! Here, in Wyoming! In April! Spring, we think, has finally come...we walked up to the neighbor's house. She watches J so I don't have to deal with him running all over the pool during lessons. B and I walked home. The sun was shining! We got in the van and it said it was 42 degrees. At 9:20 in the morning!!! This is what experiencing a miracle feels like.

Brooklyn, I think, enjoys going to swim lessons with just me. It's a little special time that we have, even though I just sit in the stands with her the whole time. And she loves to see her friends. The 5 min. car ride to the pool goes like this: 'Who be there momma? Asa be there. Olivia be there. Who else be there momma?' And on we go until we have named all her friends as well as all her teachers.

After dropping her off pool side (as soon as she spots Asa 'Hi Asa! I'm coming Asa. I love your swimsuit Asa!') I hurry to have some uninterrupted adult conversation with my co-swim lessons parents. A former competitive Texan swimmer and a stay at home dad from Seattle are my company.
After 30 minutes are up we reluctantly sigh 'it's probably time to go get our kids'.

Brooklyn smiles and waves when she sees me. Her teacher says 'She did something cute today.'
Me: What did she do?
Teacher Chad: She licked Olivia's (other teacher) arm. (he says this while smiling)
I look horrified and look over at Olivia. She looks horrified. I say 'I am SO sorry Olivia!!'
Chad says 'I thought it was pretty adorable. And then after she licked her, she said 'Now you lick me!'
To which Olivia once again looks horrified.

When I ask Brooklyn about this later she just laughs. And I say 'We don't lick people. Only cats and dogs do that. You are not a cat.' 'Yes I am momma!! I a cat. I lick you!' And she proceeds to lick my face. ugh!

Also today. Brooklyn threw a huge fit. HUGE.  We ended the round of time outs with a little chat. Her attitude has been pretty ugly lately. I was talking to her about this and I said 'You are not in charge. You cannot talk to momma like that' She said 'Yes! I in charge!!'
Me: No, you are not. Who is the momma?
B: (says nothing)
Me: Is bubba the momma (no) are you the momma (no) am I the momma (yes)

I started laughing. What else are you going to do?!?
We are in for it.

Today we also go to go out with our friend Jill who was taking care of some horses (Jackson says 'neigh! neigh! neigh!). We fed them 'carrot candy' (because carrots are like candy to horses) and hay. We pet them and the dogs. And saw a cat and ran around a big pasture in the sun facing the mountains. What a life! But seriously. I think this house is our dream house. It's a small-ish cabin, about a mile outside of town (not far) with lots of land, but you can see all your neighbors, and there are lots of them (not too isolated). Front porch facing the mountains. Too bad it would cost us, I don't know, a bigillion dollars to buy it. The price of living in a beautiful place I guess.

We ended the day with our favorite black bean burgers (dad, don't knock it till you tried it!! And we had regular hamburgers earlier this week) and broccoli with root beer flavored hard candy from Cracker Barrell (thank you Salt Lake City!) DELICIOUS!

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  1. Ok, ok... I won't knock it until you make one for me... then I will knock it! haha, j/k But seriously, why on God's good earth would you want to even think about substituting the real thing, which you just had earlier in the week!!, with a fake thing!? Oh wait, I said I wasn't going to knock it...

    I LOVE this, I think it'll not only be great for us to read about more of what's going on, but I think it'll be good for you (singular and plural) to track and process all that's going on. And since you're so much like your mother, this will be a very good thing indeed!

    Thanks for sharing your lives with us in this way!! :)